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Announcement: Magistrate of Prague approves Public Collection permit for NF C4C!

We are happy to announce that as of 15. January 2013, the magistrate of Prague approved a nation-wide public collection for the benefit of NF C4C and the humanitarian initiatives for ill and socially marginalized children it supports.

Consequently, if you’ve been approached by a smiling student or young person recently, asking you to support C4C’s projects for socially disadvantaged and hospitalized children by obtaining a small usable item - rest assured it’s genuine and not a hoax! It’s all part of C4C’s public collection around the country to raise much needed funds for C4C’s popular programs for children in need - Robin Hood”, “Springboard to LifeandDr. Clown!

“In spite of the ongoing economic uncertainty in Europe and elsewhere, or perhaps even because of it, C4C has had an steady increase in the scope of its activities – in the Czech Republic and several other Central European countries we are currently active in”, reflects Manfred Franke, C4C’s o.s. founder and chairman. “We’ve had to start thinking a bit out of the box to meet the expanding scope and subsequent increases in funding for our programs, especially for our very popular educational initiative ‘Springboard to Life’, helping institutionalized children integrate successfully into society.”

He went on to explain that the single biggest challenge the non-profit sector is the sometimes grueling task of raising the necessary funds for their various beneficial initiatives. So, when the opportunity presented itself to apply for a public collection permit, C4C jumped at the opportunity to be able to expand the scope of its outreach through the extra revenue created.

“Besides being able to collect much needed funds for our programs, the conditions of the collection also enable us to reimburse the students and personnel who work so hard to make this collection possible, as well as those organizing it”, continues Manfred, “this way we’re also helping those folks and can reward them for their efforts. So it’s beneficial all around – a win-win proposition!”

A few weeks after the collection kicked off, there has been a decidedly positive response from the general public. To a large degree this can be attributed to the students and the folks conducting the collection. They’re well trained, amicable and friendly and they’re going to great length not to appear pushy or to antagonize those they approach. “I didn’t mind being approached at all…”, says Sarka, who recently called the C4C switchboard to verify the validity of the public collection, “…the young people were very cheerful and sweet. What amounts to the profits of this going into charity almost sounded too good to be true.”

So, if you meet some of these hard working folks out there, please be supportive and keep in mind that the job these young people are doing comes with a considerable portion of sacrifice.

Thank you so much for helping us in our efforts to sufficiently fund our programs for socially marginalized and ill children.

*According to the authorization issued on 1st February 2013 for an unspecified amount of time by the Prague Magistrate, ID number C.j.S-MHMP/1596515/2012, 20% of the collected amount constitutes the amount of the public collection. This authorization is in accordance with provision 4, §1 of act number 117/2001 on Public Collections and amending certain laws (the law on public collections). According to the document, the Nadace Fond C4C is authorized to obtain monetary contributions to help its humanitarian programs for children at risk and in need.

Certificate of public collection NFC4C 2013.01.15
Certificate of public collection NFC4C 2017.10.11