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Will you help us to help? I want to help Will you help us to help?

For over 20 years now, the C4C team has been lending a helping hand to children less fortunate than our own – so they can have a chance in life too.
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Chance 4 Children Endowment Fund

Welcome to the home page of the Chance 4 Children Endowment Fund!

After the inception of the civic association Chance 4 Children (C4C) in 1996, and after an incredible 800 million CZK (USD 36 million) rendered since in direct and targeted aid to underprivileged and hospitalized children, the Chance 4 Children Endowment Fund was created in 2011 to assist the C4C civic organization. in its fundraising and propagation efforts - aspects so very vital for the sustainability of any non-profit endeavor!

Since its humble beginnings in 1996 and undergoing many changes since, C4C has developed rapidly into one of the country’s strongest, active and most viable local organizations supporting socially marginalized, institutionalized and ailing children. C4C’s core focus has always been serving children here in the Czech Republic and in neighboring Slovakia, but in recent years activities have also increasingly included other Central European countries, the Balkans and in 2012 C4C in Amman, Jordan, became a reality.

What started as a grass-roots effort by one man and his family, has over time grown into an internationally recognized and award winning, professional organization operating under the premise and motto that “Every Child Deserves a Chance”. Read more about C4C’s history here.

The decision to create the Chance 4 Children Endowment Fund is another important step to help insure that the Chance 4 Children model of tomorrow will continue to be a vibrant and detrimental force for good in the lives of thousands of children in need or those with a social handicap.

True to its motto, the enthusiastic C4C team and its many and prominent sponsors and partners (to see them all, click here) have set out to make a difference in the lives of children less fortunate than our own and help them to have a better and happier future. It is the goal and aim of the Chance 4 Children Endowment Fund to support their efforts and ensure the sustainability of their programs in the future.

Here is an overview of currently supported programs and activities of the Endowment Fund:

SPRINGBOARD TO LIFE (STL) is an educational initiative, preparing institutionalized children, who leave their foster environments, to successfully integrate into society. Asserting that “Every Child has the Right to an Education” the program teaches vocational skills to participating children which can get them hired in the job market.

DR. CLOWN is the Czech Republic’s first and original hospital clown initiative. Since its inception in 1999, the Dr. Clown teams deliver their famous “Smile Therapy” to seriously ill children who find themselves faced with the trauma of prolonged hospitalization.

ROBIN HOOD, a humanitarian program, is aimed at improving the quality of life for orphans and socially disadvantaged children living in institutions. The Robin Hood team partners with international and local businesses to bring about optimal results.

Click here to learn more about the activities and programs supported by the Chance 4 Children Endowment Fund and here to see how you can make a difference too.

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Springboard to Life


Dr. Clown


Robin Hood